An updated list of books about marketing, content marketing, growth hacking, digital analytics, business and leadership suggested by me, my colleagues and the greatest experts.

Good reading!

Last update: 28/06/2019


  1. Blue Ocean Strategy: How to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant by Chan Kim e Renee Mauborgne
  2. The Marketing Performance Blueprint by Paul Roetzer
  3. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
  4. Marketing Lesson from the Grateful Dead by Brian Halligan & David Meerman Scott
  5. All Marketers are Liars or tell stories by Seth Godin
  6. Permission Marketing by Seth Godin
  7. Purple Cow: transform your business by being remarkable by Seth Godin
  8. Good to great by Jim Collins
  9. Marketing 4.0 by Philip Kotler
  10. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
  11. Snap Selling by Jill Konrath
  12. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  13. The Persuasion Slide by Roger Dooley
  14. Brain Surfing by Heather Lefevre
  15. Brand positioning by Mariano Diotto [Italian]
  16. Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World by Rand Fishkin
  17. Badass: Making Users Awesome by Kathy Sierra

Growth Hacking

  1. Growth Hacking Copywriting by Ray Taylor
  2. The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank
  3. Startupper by Steve Blank e Bob Dorf
  4. Growth hacker. Mindset and tools to grow your business by Raffaele Gaito [Italian]
  5. Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  6. The Lean Analytics by Alistair Croll e Benjamin Yoskovitz
  7. Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday
  8. Growth Engine by Sean Ellis e Morgan Brown
  9. Hooked by Gino Wickman e Justin Mares
  10. Rework by Jason Fried e David Heinemeier Hansson
  11. Smartcuts by Shane Snow
  12. Contagious by Jonah Berger
  13. The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge
  14. Top 101 Growth Hacks ed. 1 by Aladdin Happy
  15. Top 101 Growth Hacks ed. 2 by Aladdin Happy
  16. Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works by Ash Maurya

Content Marketing & PR

  1. They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan
  2. The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk
  3. Inbound Marketing by Brian Halligan e Dharmesh Shah
  4. Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi
  5. Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer
  6. Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton
  7. Content Rules by Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman
  8. Shareology by Bryan Kramer
  9. Content Warfare by Ryan Hanley
  10. Brainfluence by Roger Dooley
  11. The Art of Client Services by Robert Solomon

Leadership & Business

  1. Tribes by Seth Godin
  2. Give and Take by Adam Grant
  3. The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen
  4. Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon
  5. Leadership by George Baisley
  6. Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
  7. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  8. Drive by Daniel Pink
  9. Before Happiness by Shawn Achor
  10. Creative Confidence by David e Tom Kelley
  11. Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson
  12. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action by Simon Sinek
  13. Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds by Carmine Gallo

Digital Analytics

  1. Data Analytics and Computer Hacking & Mobile Hacking 3 Bundle Manuscript by Isaac D. Cody
  2. Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik
  3. Google Analytics by Justin Cutroni
  4. You Should Test That! by Chris Goward
  5. Data Smart by John W Foreman
  6. Data Driven: Harnessing Data and AI to Reinvent Customer Engagement by Tom Chavez, Chris O’Hara and Vivek Vaidya

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