Growth Marketing Consulting

I work as Growth Hacker or Growth Marketing Specialist for many SMEs and Startups all-around Italy as a freelancer or as a company team member.

For a few of them, especially for the SaaS and IT companies, I’m also the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) and a board advisor.

In my spare time, I love to mentor younger entrepreneurs and startups during their business ideas developing stage.

My professional skills are focused on Growth Hacking, Online Advertising, Data Analysis, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

What is Growth Hacking?

If you already know the Growth Hacking process, please contact me to present your business project. I can’t wait to meet a talented and great entrepreneur.

If you don’t know the Growth Hacking, keep reading this page to see if I’ll be able to convince you to choose this new process for your company growth.

The Growth Hacking term is formed by two words: Growth and Hack.

The word Hack has nothing to do with computer hackers or magic tricks, but it is closer to intuition and creative solutions to resolve the biggest problem of the companies: growth.

The Growth Hacking is a process which combines the marketing, the product development and the data analysis to get a constant growth of the clients, and also of the profit, as fast as possible, satisfying the market needs and limiting the waste of financial resources.

So, it’s not a single activity, It’s a process. A series of tasks, stages, steps, rules, tactics and strategies well-managed to get the company goals.

Are you ready to grow?

Contact me now and tell me more about your business project.